Highland View 5: WWE vs. TNA

Hello ladies and gentlemen I am Highlander G and before I start this article I have an announcement to make, this shall be my last article for a while! Yes, this is because I am going to be going on holiday very soon and can’t always guarantee internet access for writing articles. However do not despair I shall be back by the start of August. Now let’s get down to business. 
Yes as you can see my final topic is the good old debate of whose better, WWE or TNA? Now I know many of you have different opinions but here is mine as to why WWE is the superior of the two main wrestling promotions in the USA.
Reason 1- WWE is well knownI can almost certainly say that if you walked down most streets in the western world and asked a person to name a wrestling company their answer would be WWE, or in some cases, WWF. That is why, for me WWE is the better company, more people know of it. If you search “ww” into Google the third suggestion is WWE. Now WWE is better known as it has the ability to attract huge names from outside the wrestling business into the ring, and sometime vice-versa. For example right now it seems the top names in the WWE, Cena, Orton Triple H, and so on, are in big movies. People hear of the WWE through watching movies such as The Marine, or 12 Rounds. That means more people are going to tune into it
Reason 2- TNA is full of has beensTake a gander at the current TNA roster, most of their roster are full of ex-WWE wrestlers. There is the key word EX-WWE wrestlers.  Most of these guys are past their prime, Ric Flair, no doubt a great wrestler, was wrestling for almost 40 years! He’s almost old enough to claim a pension! If you’re near the legal retirement age then you shouldn’t be in the wrestling ring. That is where TNA’s problem lies; they have too many old guys. They are trying to bank of people rushing to see matches that have already happened, Flair and Hogan need to get out of the ring and into their retirement home. Because of them trying to make “wrestling matter” most of the younger guys aren’t getting a shot, these are they guys that should be the face of TNA, pushing them into a bright future, guys like Alex Shelley, Eric Young and Matt Morgan. Too many TNA wrestlers are old WWE guys, they need to freshen things up and get some new people.
Reason 3- DrugsAs we all know WWE has a wellness programme that suspends fines and even gets wrestler fired due to their use or over-use of drugs. Now this is good as it SHOULD prevent unfortunate events such as Eddie Geurrero or Chris Benoit, RIP both of you, from happening again. Whereas in TNA the policy is just a little bit different. Classic example as it TNA’s Victory Road PPV where Jeff Hardy turned up to the main event of all matches and probably didn’t know which way was up. That is what separates the best from the rest; WWE makes sure that only the strong survive whereas TNA allows anyone to get in

Reason 4- Contract ClausesNow when a wrestler signs for the WWE whether it be a developmental deal (ie- they go to FCW for a while before they move to the main roster) they have a 90 day no-complete clause. This means that for 90 days after the wrestler is fired or released they can’t compete anywhere. Moreover when a wrestler signs with the WWE they can pretty much only compete with the WWE. An exception to this was Daniel Bryan but he had committed to these events when he was still an indy worker. Now the 90 day contract clause is great for the WWE as it means the wrestler is pretty much forgotten about for 2 months so they can then shove their next idea down the fans throats and voila, we can’t remember the guy who got released. Moreover WWE has the clause so that if a big wrestler leaves (ie- CM Punk) then he get just immediately jump ship to his next destination. This makes the WWE better than TNA as if a TNA wrestler works an indy show and thinks “Hey I like this better” then they hand in their release and bang they are in the indy promotion. 
Reason 5- Better TVFor most people in the USA getting Rarely And Wrestling is free from what I have heard. This means people can watch the “flagship show” of the WWE for nothing. This contrasts to TNA where people have to pay for Spike TV to watch the flagship show of TNA. This shows how WWE are better as both of their shows get great ratings week in week out (both SD and RAW earn about 2.1 and 3.1 ratings respectively). This compares to TNA with Impact doing ratings around 1.2-1.3 (Rating for June 30= 1.27), the rating for June 30th compares to RAW’s rating for the 27th which was 3.1 and got over 3 times the viewership than TNA did.

Now TNA does have its advantages, and for example the schedule is easier than in the WWE. Many wrestlers go to TNA as they want to get paid a decent amount of money without as much work. There are studies that show most WWE workers work for over 250 days per year! This includes week-ends, whereas an average TNA worker only has to work half that amount. This means in theory the TNA guys are fresher and probably happier as they have less work to do. For me, that is a big reason why many people leave the WWE and go to TNA, it’s less work with good money.

To conclude as you can see I very much favour WWE over TNA. That is because I started watching WWE before I started to watch TNA. There was a time when I used to love TNA, more than WWE! Then though TNA started getting lots of old have beens and old WWE guys who couldn’t make the cut. That is when I stopped watching TNA.
QuestionWhat would be a match you would like to see in the WWE?

Well if I had to chose then for me it would be bringing back the cruiserweight division. My match would be a 6 man elimination chamber match, so it would be, Jericho vs. Bourne vs. Sin Cara vs. Mysterio vs. Eddie Geurrero vs. Helms for the Cruiserweight title. This match would just be non stop awesomeness, each one of these guys would be flying around inside the steel doing all kinds of crazy flips. Take out Eddie and put in someone like Paul London and there you go WWE, there is a good match for the Elimination Chamber PPV, simple

Well ladies and gents that is all we have time for today. I shall be returning in a few weeks, so have a good summer, and just take care. I will try my best to reply to any comments you have, so feel free to post some question, and I will be sure to answer them :)

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