The Top 10 Female Wrestlers

10. Lita
Amy Christine Dumas (born April 14, 1975), known by her primary stage study Lita, is the lead singer for the band The Luchagors and retired professional wrestler and WWE Diva from 1999 to 2006.  After briefly working on the independent circuit and in Extreme Championship Wrestling, Dumas signed with World Wrestling Federation in 1999. Originally, she was paired with Essa Rios, but she reached her greatest near alongside Matt and Jeff Hardy as Team Xtreme. Throughout her career, she won the WWE Women’s Championship four times. During her tenure with the company she became arguably the most favourite Diva in the company’s history. Dumas had an off-screen relationship with Matt Hardy, which ended in 2005 after her affair with Adam “Edge” Copeland. WWE used the real-life drama between the trio as a storyline throughout 2005 and 2006, which led to Dumas being booed by the fans for the first time and her character becoming villainous on-screen. The relationship also led to the firing of Hardy in 2005, even though he was rehired later in the year.

9. Trish Stratus
Patricia Anne Stratigias (born December 18, 1975), superior known as Trish Stratus, is a Canadian actress and TV personality. She is also a former fitness model and retired professional wrestler.  After beginning her career as a fitness model, Stratus began working for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), which was later renamed World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), on Might 6, 2002. Early in her career, she was involved in sexually themed storylines, such as managing the team T & A and an affair with Vince McMahon. As Stratus spent more time in the ring, her wrestling skills and popularity strengthened. Because of this, she was a one-time WWE Hardcore Champion, three-time “WWE Babe of the Year” and was proclaimed “Diva of the Decade”. After nearly seven years in the business, Stratus retired from wrestling on September 17, 2006 after winning her seventh WWE Women’s Championship, the most in WWE history.

8. Chyna
Chyna (born Joan Marie Laurer; December 27, 1970) is an American actress and retired professional wrestler. A former bodybuilder, she is ideal known for her career with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) from 1997 to 2001, where she was billed as “Chyna: ‘The Ninth Wonder of the World’” (AndrĂ© the Giant was already billed as the eighth). She began her WWF career as Paul “Triple H” Levesque’s on-screen bodyguard, and the duo also dated in real-life. They were both members of the favourite D-Generation X stable, a storyline alliance of several wrestlers, until 1999.  Chyna was the first woman to enter the Royal Rumble, remember for the King of the Ring tournament, and be the number one contender for the WWF Championship. In 1999, she became the first and only woman to hold the WWF Intercontinental Championship, which she held twice. She also held the WWF Women’s Championship once, before leaving the company in 2001. She claims that Levesque’s affair with Stephanie McMahon, daughter of WWF owner Vince McMahon, was a bourgeois in her departure.

7. June Byers
DeAlva Eyvonnie Sibley (May 25, 1922–July 20, 1998), superior known by her ring study of June Byers, was an American women’s professional wrestler famous in the 1950s and primeval 1960s. She held the World Women’s Championship for ten years and is a member of the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame. Taking her family nickname of “June” and her ex-husband’s last study of “Byers” for her ring name, June Byers prefabricated her professional debut in 1944. She spent the first years of her career traveling the country in Wolfe’s promotion, sometimes winning preliminary matches but regularly losing to the more established stars such as Mae Young and champion Mildred Burke. At this primeval stage in her career she often worked as a villain and utilized the pendulum backbreaker as a signature move. Slowly rising in the ranks, she first won gold in 1952 when she and partner Millie Stafford won the Tag Title over Young and Ella Waldek.

6. Wendi Richter
Wendi Richter (born September 6, 1961) is a former professional wrestler. She began her professional wrestling career in companies such as the National Wrestling Alliance, where she teamed with Joyce Grable, with whom she held the NWA Women’s World Tag Team Championship twice. In the 1980s, she joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). She held the WWF Women’s Championship twice and feuded with The Fabulous Moolah over the title. She was also involved in a storyline with singer Cyndi Lauper called the “Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Connection.” Richter, however, left the WWF after losing the championship in controversial fashion. She then worked in the World Wrestling Council and American Wrestling Association, where she held both companies’ women’s titles.
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5. Sherri Martel
Sherri Schrull (born Sherri Russell, February 8, 1958 – June 15, 2007) was an American professional wrestler and manager, superior known by her ring names, Sherri Martel and Sensational Sherri.  Martel began her professional wrestling career as a manager. She joined the American Wrestling Association (AWA) in the mid-1980s and held its AWA World Women’s Championship three times. In the late 1980s, she joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), where she held the WWF Women’s Championship. Also in the WWF, Martel continued to act as a manager to wrestlers such as Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase, and Shawn Michaels. She appeared in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in the 1990s. In the latter, Martel acted as the manager for the attach team Harlem Heat. After leaving WCW, she prefabricated a few wrestling related appearances until her death in 2007.

4. Awesome Kong
Kia Michelle Stevens (born September 4, 1977), superior known by her ring obloquy Astonishing Kong and Awesome Kong, is an American independent professional wrestler, ideal known for her work in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). She is currently working for Shimmer Women Athletes, National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), and various independent promotions in the United Says and Japan.  She began her professional wrestling career in 2002 after appearing on a reality TV show. In Japan, she held both the WWWA World Heavyweight Championship and the AWA Superstars of Wrestling World Women’s Champion. In addition, she teamed with Aja Kong as the team Double Kong, holding numerous attach team championships. After returning to the United States, she held the NWA World Women’s Championship once in 2007, trading it with MsChif. In 2006 and 2007, she also appeared in several matches for the all-female wrestling promotion Shimmer. In October 2007, she joined TNA, immediately feuding with Gail Kim over the newly created TNA Women’s Knockout Championship. In addition, Kong was joined by manager Raisha Saeed. She left TNA in March 2010. In TNA, Kong was a two-time Knockout Champion and one half of the TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions with partner Hamada.

3. Judy Grable
Nellya Burres-Baughman (March 4, 1936–May 9, 2008) was an American professional wrestler who was ideal known as Judy Grable. She was sometimes called by the nickname Barefoot Contessa. She was also known as “the acrobatic blonde with the educated flying feet”. She wrestled in the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) territories through the 1950s and the 1960s. In September 1956, a effort royal was held to determine the new NWA World Women’s Champion, but lost to long-time rival The Fabulous Moolah. She tried a grappling turn but due to illness, she could not wrestle anymore.
(Judy Grable, blond hair)

2. Mildred Burke
Mildred Bliss (August 5, 1915-February 14, 1989) was an American professional wrestler, who wrestled under the study Mildred Burke. She is a member of the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame as well as the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame. Her heyday lasted from the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s, when she held the World Women’s Championship for nearly twenty years. Burke started out in 1935, wrestling men at carnivals. She was managed by her second husband, promoter Billy Wolfe. In the primeval 1950s, Burke started the World Women’s Wrestling Association in Los Angeles, California. She returned to her promotion after her match with Byers, still recognizing herself as the World Women’s Champion even after the NWA had recognized rival June Byers as champion since then, and continued to defend it. She vacated the belt in 1956, when she retired from professional wrestling. In 1970 the belt was revived by All Nihon Women’s Pro-Wrestling (AJW) as their top prize.

1. The Fabulous Moolah
Mary Lillian Ellison (July 22, 1923 – November 2, 2007), superior known by her ring study The Fabulous Moolah, was an American female professional wrestler. She began her career working with promoter Billy Wolfe and his wife, wrestler and trainer Mildred Burke, as well as working alongside professional wrestler “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers. She won the NWA World Women’s Championship in 1956 and was the most prominent holder of the title for approximately the next thirty years.  In the 1980s, she joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as part of the Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Connection storyline, feuding with Cyndi Lauper and Wendi Richter, the latter of whom defeated her for the WWF Women’s Championship in 1984. Ellison was marketed by the WWF (later World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE) as holding the record for the longest title reign by any athlete in any professional sport. According to WWE, she was also the first WWF Women’s Champion and held the title a total of four times.

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