WWE Money in the Bank: Why the PPV Can Either Be Outstanding or Disappointing

In just about a week, the WWE holds its annual Money in the Bank pay-per-view. It could be the most hyped and exciting PPV since WrestleMania.
The match card is absolutely tremendous.
We have a world-title match between Christian and Randy Orton, two anticipated Money in the Bank Ladder Matches (which never disappoint), a WWE title match that's been drawing tons of mainstream attention, and a few more exciting draws.
These matches are guaranteed to be at least good, but I'm getting nervous that the WWE will go with predictable outcomes.
Let me start off with the Raw and Smackdown Money in the Bank matches.
The favorites in both the matches are already pretty established, and their winning the matches would be an absolute waste.
Alberto Del Rio, the favorite to win the Raw match, is already going be the top heel on Raw if/when CM Punk leaves the WWE, so Del Rio can obviously win it on his own.
There are so many other stars in the match who could benefit from having it, like Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Alex Riley, or perhaps even the Miz.
Del Rio is going win a world title in the near future nonetheless, but I don't know about the other people I've mentioned.
And those I mentioned deserve it either just as much or more than Del Rio.
Then we get to Sheamus. For those who follow all my Smackdown reviews, you know how big of a fan I am of his, and for those of you who don't: Trust me, I'm a huge fan of Sheamus.
He is probably the favorite to win the Smackdown MITB match, but like Del Rio, he's already established and can win a title without it.
There are stars in that match who deserve that briefcase, like Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, and Daniel Bryan. And all of these people are entitled to world titles at some point, but don't have the momentum to win it on their own.
If either Sheamus or Alberto Del Rio wins a match, it will just be a waste. And if they both win, then it will ruin the unpredictability of the PPV altogether.
No offense to the world title match, but the winner either way is fairly predictable, so I'm not worried about that match...unless of course Christian wins the title by DQ or a bad call from the referee.
Now we get to what everyone's waiting for: CM Punk vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship.
WWE Creative, I beg you: Surprise me with this one.
I don't care if CM Punk wins the match and then loses it to the MITB winner or if John Cena wins and then loses it to the MITB winner.
I just don't want Cena walking out with the title.
I'm no Cena hater, trust me, but if he walks out with the title at Money in the Bank, that would be a completely bland outcome. It would be the easy choice and an example of obvious and lazy booking from WWE Creative.
The WWE has done a great job building up this feud, but if John Cena walks out with the title, all that great buildup—such as the CM Punk shoot promo—would go to waste.
So I beg of the WWE that John Cena doesn't walk out with the title.
This PPV could be amazing and a huge draw, but it could end up as a disappointment if the predictable outcomes happen—even if the matches are amazing.
Well anyway, don't be shy to disagree with me. I appreciate the descriptive negative comments just as much as I appreciate the descriptive positive comments, so make sure you leave one.

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