Comic-Con, Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Comics, WWE And Pro Wrestling News Update, by Greg Tingle - 26th July 2011

Comic-Con, Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Comics, WWE And Pro Wrestling News Update, by Greg Tingle - 26th July 2011

Comic-Con - Comics And WWE Pro Wrestling Aka Sports Entertainment Do Mix; Just Ask CM Punk And Triple H...

What a big week its been for comic book, comic book movie and pro wrestling fans. Wrestling fans are welcoming in the WWE Reality Era or Triple H era, depending upon what cliq of fans you ask, with Mr McMahon relieved of his duties, and CM Punk running a mock, including his apparent unscheduled appearance at Comic Com, where he interrupted the WWE - Mattel presser, and showed off his WWE Title (that he "stole" from the WWE at their most recent PPV event). WWE is mixing together real life situations with storylines in a way which has even hardcore fans and "dirt sheet" writers a bit confused. Sure beats the old World Wrestling Federation days where many stupid and down right insulting gimmicks and unrealistic storylines where shoved down the fans throats.

Here's the YouTube clip of CM Punks' invasion of Comic Con.

Here's the official WWE write up of the event on their official website...

CM Punk invaded Comic-Con, mocking Triple H and WWE - 22nd July 2011...

It seems that the de facto holder of the WWE Championship and former WWE Superstar CM Punk is not done poking a stick at his previous place of business.

Thursday morning, during Mattel's WWE panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, the ex-WWE Superstar reemerged with the WWE Title still in his possession, strolling into a conference room where Triple H, Hall of Famer Bret “Hit Man” Hart and Rey Mysterio were answering questions.

Punk promptly began to ridicule Triple H – the very Superstar and WWE executive who recently relieved Mr. McMahon of his leadership duties as WWE Chairman on Monday Night Raw.

Punk's mocking led to an intense verbal confrontation between Punk and Triple H. When Punk asked the subject of his scorn, “how’s life in Fantasy Land?” Triple H responded, “how’s the unemployment line?”

Addressing Rey Mysterio about WWE’s match this Monday night on Raw to crown a new WWE Champion, Punk invited The Master of the 619 to Chicago anytime that he wants a title opportunity.

Triple H tried to maintain his professional decorum. After pointing out that “a champion performs,” he informed Punk that “it is a new regime” in WWE, inviting Punk to “give [him] a call and maybe [they] could work something out.”

In the end, the self-exiled Punk left as swiftly as he emerged, brandishing the WWE Championship as he went.

The new head of WWE continued to address the situation after the disruption was over, commenting that he was astounded that the WWE Universe continued to cheer for Punk while Punk was refusing to perform for them. He pointed out that that was what true WWE Champions had been doing “day in and day out” throughout the history of WWE.

This public interruption came on the heels of the monumental events of Sunday, July 17 at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. There, The Second City Saint stunned the WWE Universe by defeating John Cena, exiting through the crowd and leaving the company without its most coveted title.

Late Friday night, was granted permission by WWE executives to show footage of Punk's interruption, caught by WWE cameras during the Comic-Con Q & A.

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