RAW Result - July 25 2011 + 3 Return

Rey Mysterio def. The Miz to become the WWE Champion
After eight Superstars were whittled down to two during a WWE Championship Tournament, only

Rey Mysterio and The Miz remained. To kick off tonight’s show, the pair clashed in a frenzied contest that eventually saw The Master of the 619 capture his first ever WWE Championship.

2. U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler def. Evan Bourne

3. Divas Champion Kelly Kelly & Eve def. Maryse & Melina

4. Triple H gave a “State of the WWE Address”
 Meet the new boss. After relieving Mr. McMahon of his duties last week, Triple H took over as WWE’s Chief Operating Officer or COO. This week, a sharply dressed Game addressed the WWE Universe and ushered in several major developments.
First, Raw would host an unprecedented second WWE Title Match later in the evening between recently crowned WWE Champion Rey Mysterio and John Cena.
The second bombshell dropped shortly afterward: WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross would be returning to the Raw announce desk.  When The Game announced the decision, current announcer Michael Cole mouthed off in protest. As a result, Triple H arranged a match for him later in the evening against an as-yet-unnamed opponent.
While wrapping up his address, The Cerebral Assassin was interrupted by a clearly imbalanced R-Truth. After enduring the crackpot’s latest batch of conspiracy theories, Triple H introduced the man Truth had put on the shelf: John Morrison. The recuperated Shaman of Sexy  darted into the ring and unleashed his frustrations on Truth, leaving him immobile in the ring.

5. Zack Ryder def. Michael Cole

6. Alberto Del Rio def. Kofi Kingston

7. John Cena def. WWE Champion Rey Mysterio; CM Punk confronted Cena  
The capacity crowd inside the Hampton Coliseum might want to save their ticket stubs. It was a night to remember for the WWE Universe. In an unprecedented second WWE Championship Match of the night, newly-minted WWE Champion Rey Mysterio was forced to defend the title he won less than two hours earlier against one of WWE’s toughest competitors, John Cena.
As the two sportsmen competed, it eventually became clear that The Cenation Commander-in-Chief would overpower Rey’s agile assault and capture his ninth WWE Championship. In the carnival of celebration, however, one competitor emerged to dispute the legitimacy of Cena’s reign.
CM Punk shocked the WWE faithful when, after having departed the company two weeks earlier, he surfaced inside the arena carrying his WWE Title. The audience, as well as millions at home, watched the confrontation, the tension, the body language. Which man would blink first? Which WWE Champion was the rightful heir to WWE’s most coveted object? In the frenzied air of anticipation, however, there would be no determination. The Second City Savior and The Champ merely stood hoisting their respective WWE Titles skyward, as if to declare their proper place in the history books despite the protests of the other.

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