Raw Results 07/25/11

WWE Raw Results from Hampton, VA:

There was now opening theme video for Raw, as they went straight to the live crowd in the arena. Justin Roberts announced the WWE Championship final match. Rey arrived to the ring first, as Lawler and Cole talked over the 8-man tournament which got to this final match.

Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz
WWE Championship Match

They showed the superstars of Raw watching the match backstage. Cole said the locker room has a lot of interest in this historic match after what went down last week. Prior to the bell, Cole guaranteed a new champion would be crowned. The Miz gained an early advantage with a headlock to keep Rey down. However Rey fought to his feet for a bit, before Miz kneed him in the gut. He had a near fall, then choked Rey against the middlee rope.

Miz continued to stay in control after tossing Rey out of the ring and hitting a baseball slide dropkick on him. However, he missed on a running kick to Rey on the apron. Rey was able to hit a headscissors to send Miz head first into the steel steps.

Miz remained in control after a commercial break, settling into another headlock. Lawler told Cole to stop standing up every time Miz was about to win it. Cole talked about how this is the future of the WWE tonight. Rey was able to flip over Miz's back and sent him into the corner ringpost. Rey hit West Coast Pop off the corner, and a springboard lateral press for the near fall.

Later in the match, the two superstars traded near falls. Rey went for 619 with Miz ducking it. He followed by grabbing Mysterio to Powerbomb him from the top rope to the mat. Miz was frustrated but went for Skullcrushing Finale. Rey blocked near the ropes and sat on the corner, but Miz hung him upside down to kick away on him.

Miz missed on a running knee, as Rey pulled himself up on the corner. Rey was able to get away and moments later hit the 619. He quickly followed with his diving headbutt to get the pinfall victory, winning the WWE title!

Winner: Rey Mysterio wins via pinfall over The Miz to become the new WWE Champion.

Post-match, the wrestlers and divas in the locker room celebrated the new champ. Rey showed off the newly won WWE championship belt on the corner of the ring. However, Miz rushed in and kicked Rey down, angry over the loss. As Miz left the ring, Alberto Del Rio's theme music came on. Del Rio came walking down with his red briefcase ready to cash in. He went over and slammed it down on the announce table to tell them what he was doing. All of a sudden, Mysterio came flying over the top rope onto Del Rio to take him out. Del Rio never officially cashed in, so he hit the road with his briefcase, as Rey continued to celebrate.

Michael Cole said Triple H is there tonight to deliver a State of the WWE speech to the WWE Universe.

Backstage, Rey walked through the various wrestlers (including NXT stars) slapping their hands as the new champion. He walked up to John Cena who extended a handshake and walked off. Josh Matthews came over to ask what it's like to be WWE Champion for his first ever reign. Rey talked about making sacrifices in life to get where he wanted to. He told his family he's coming home and bringing the gold with him this time.

Cole and Lawler talked about the "Beginning and End" on last week's episode with Triple H firing Vince McMahon.

Evan "Air" Bourne vs. Dolph Ziggler

They showed a replay of the finish between Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler at Capitol Punishment PPV last month. Thanks to Vickie's interference, Ziggler put the sleeper hold on Kofi and made him pass out to become US Champion.

Bourne was able to knee Ziggler in the head twice on a suplex attempt, then avoided him on a splash in the corner. Bourne went on the offensive with multiple takedowns, but Ziggler elbowed him in the corner. Ziggler sat on the corner with Bourne using a headscissors to flip him to the mat. Near fall by Bourne, and he went for Air Bourne. Ziggler moved out of the way and Bourne landed on his knees. As Bourne stood up, Ziggler hit Zig Zag to drop him. He followed with a sleeperhold to make Bourne pass out.


Eve was arguing with the Bella Twins backstage. All of a sudden, Keith Stone came walking up carrying his 12 pack of Keystone Light. Stone was able to take one of the Bellas aside and drew a tattoo on her arm. The Bellas left the scene with Eve in awe of him saying "Keith Stone you are so smooth." Stone turned to the camera, paused and said "always."

Eve Torres & Kelly Kelly vs. Melina & Maryse

Late in the match, Kelly Kelly slapped both Melina and Maryse on their butts. She followed by mocking Maryse's pose near the ropes. Maryse came in to break up Kelly's pinfall on Melina, prompting Eve to rush in and take her out. Kelly was able to avoid Melina's move near the ropes, causing Melina to fall to the mat. Kelly followed with her finisher to win the match.

Winners: Eve Torres & Kelly Kelly win via pinfall over Maryse & Melina.

Triple H arrived to the ring, introduced by Justin Roberts as Chief Operating officer for WWE. Triple H said the reason the WWE is a huge success and global phenomenon. He said it's due to one man's vision and pure genius. Triple H said from "the bottom of my heart, thank you Vince." The crowd cheered their approval. Triple H said it's time to discuss the future. He congratulated Rey Mysterio on the win, but then said there will be a second championship match tonight. Triple H said in the second match the new champion will defend against John Cena, since Cena was cheated out of his rematch (by Vince).

Triple H said there's one man that should be back on Raw, so he took it upon himself to re-sign him. Triple H asked the fans to help welcome him back. Suddenly, Jim Ross' theme music started up and Jim Ross came down the ramp to the ring and shook HHH's hand. Ross went out to the announce table to join Lawler and Cole. He shook Lawler's hand, then offered his hand to Cole. Cole wouldn't shake and turned his back.

Cole got up on the announce table with a microphone, then spoke to Triple H. He basically said he's done all the company's asked, but he refused to work with this "one-faced Oklahoma redneck." Cole kept going on and on insulting JR about his ego and his big gut. Cole yelled that he can't stand JR and won't sit in the chair next to him.

Triple H said his first inclination was to fire him, but it would cost more to do that because of his contract terms. Triple H told Cole if he leaves he'll breach his contract and surrender all future earnings. He said he could have the rest of the night off from commentary, and he can show up for Smackdown if he still wants to work. Cole said he's not quitting under any circumstances and will sit down and continue commentary. Triple H said he's relieved of that tonight, and needs to get ready for his match. Cole angrily went backstage.

Just then, R-Truth's saying came over the speakers. Truth arrived out to the ramp with a mic talking about his conspiracy theory. The audience kept doing the "WHAT?" Truth came to the ring and asked Triple H what he's going to do for him now. Truth kept talking to two imaginary people on each side of him. Triple H started to pretend he was talking to imaginary people around him too, saying Truth needs medication. Truth told him he's crazy then said "you might be The Game, but I'm not playing." Truth walked up the ramp but HHH told him to stop.

HHH said he re-signed another superstar, and he wants a piece of R-Truth. John Morrison's music hit and Morrison arrived out from backstage. He blocked punch from Truth then started beating him up down to the ring. The two ended up fighting in the ring, with Morrison able to hit Starship Pain on Truth, sending him out of the ring.

Michael Cole vs. Zack Ryder

Triple H's theme music came on and Michael Cole came walking out wearing Triple H trunks. He swalled some water from a bottle water and tried to mimic the Game's moves down to the ring. Zack Ryder finally got some TV time and was brought in as Cole's opponent.

Ryder stunned Cole early on and hit the Rough Ryder to win it.

Winner: Zack Ryder wins via pinfall over Michael Cole.

WWE Slam of the Week showed Kofi Kingston's upset win over Alberto Del Rio in the WWE Championship tournament.

Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio

Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Alberto Del Rio after he drove out in a 1960 Rolls Royce valued over $90,000. Kofi got the early advantage in this one by clotheslining Del Rio out over the top rope. Del Rio backed up the ramp a bit to recover as Raw took a commercial break.

Raw returned with Del Rio using an arm submission in the ring to keep Kofi down. During break, Del Rio landed his running kick to the back of Kofi's head, causing Kofi to fall outside the ring hurting his left arm.

Kofi gained some momentum after Del Rio missed on a rushing move at the corner. Moments later, Kofi dropped Del Rio and hit the double leg drop. However, Del Rio ducked the Trouble in Paradise kick and tried for the armbar submission. Kofi escaped it though. Each guy had near falls, with Del Rio grabbing the bottom rope to break. He rolled to the outside and managed to snap Kofi against the ropes. Back in the ring, Del Rio got the Cross Armbar submission and made Kofi tap.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins due to submission over Kofi Kingston.

Backstage, The Miz was putting on a suit in the locker room when Josh Matthews showed up to interview him. The Miz complained about how Cena screwed things up for the WWE and now he gets a rematch. Miz said things are even worse with Triple H around now. Miz brought up how the face of the company is now a man with no face. Miz promoted the fact he's on the George Lopez show this Wednesday too. He said he's the most must-see champion in WWE history and called the new WWE a mistake.

John Cena vs. Rey Mysterio
WWE Championship Match

Rey Mysterio arrived out with the WWE Championship belt for his first official title defense. Rey used hard kicks to the backs of Cena's legs early, but Cena took him down for a near fall and then an arm submission. The action eventually spilled to the outside with Rey leapfrogging Cena, and Cena clotheslining him down. Cena rolled Rey into the ring for a near fall, then put a hold on his midsection on the mat.

Mysterio managed to counter Cena on the mat and hit a DDT then had a near fall of his own. Moments later, Cena went for the STF, but Rey grabbed the ropes to break. Rey managed to ram into Cena's gut through the ropes then did a springboard flip to splash onto Cena for a near fall. Rey went for 619 but Cena blocked it and picked up Rey to powerslam him for yet another near fall.

Later in the match, Cena countered Rey and hit a side slam then did the "You Can't C Me" Five Knuckle Shuffle. He set up for the AA, but Rey fought out. Rey countered it and was able to fly off the ropes at Cena, but Cena caught him. Rey countered again and managed to use his weight to flip Cena to the corner.

Later still, Rey managed to put Cena in his own submission hold, the STF in the middle of the ring. Cena appeared to be fading, but powered up and lifted Rey for the AA. Cena's bad leg gave out though and Rey fell on him. Rey saw Cena leaning against the ropes for support so he hit 619, then followed with a dive off the corner. Cena got his legs up to block. Both men took some time to recover from it.

As the match continued, Cena managed to hit a leg drop off the corner for a near fall. Rey was able to gain the upperhand again and went for 619 seeing Cena against the ropes. Cena played possum though and as Rey came at him he grabbed him for the AA to win it. Post-match, Cena helped Rey up to give him a hug on a great match.

As Cena was celebrating the win, his theme music stopped and "The Cult of Personality" music started up. All of a sudden, CM Punk arrived out onto the stage wearing the WWE Championship belt.

Winner: the WWE Championship.

CM Punk had a new theme video and arrived down to the ring with his championship belt. He got in the ring looking at John Cena, who hoisted up his championship belt. Punk removed his and hoisted it up drawing more applause. Raw ended with two champions in the ring and Punk holding his championship up for display.

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